Reading Thoughts: A writer at heart

gorata pic

Sourced from Gorata Chengeta’s Facebook page

I’ve been scrolling around on WordPress for blogs that are similar to mine, I came across Gorata Chengeta’s blog; Go rata: to love. Gorata is also a Rhodes Journalism student but doesn’t do Wring and Editing as her specialisation. I still fai to understand why. Yes she’s good with words, al’right.

I read through some of her posts and was struck by the following post

I like Gorata’s honesty in her posts, and this one is no different. She posted it on Women’s Day as a commemoration but then she soon gets down to the reality of things.She mentions how we celebrate women for this one day, but reality is that the next day it all goes back to the way it has always been. Women struggling to be recognised as equals. Even her ease with words is clear when reading her posts. Succinct, clean, crisp and you still follow and understand with ease.

I quote her, “for me, freedom will come when being a woman is like being left-handed: when it’s just another way of being.”

One can tell that she is writing about what she is most passionate about in this post, and I think in that way our blogs are similar. I write about what inspires me on a day-to-day basis and the thoughts that I sometimes think are just ramblings but yet they are of importance, just like Gorata’s writings.

Her blog is definitely worth the read.


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