Working with the body to heal naturally

For my Live Tweeting event, I decided to go to Mustard Seed in Peppergrove Mall, where they were hosting a talk by a Homeopath.

Dr. Chiquita Vosloo, addressed a room full of women on Tuesday 28 October 2014 about tissue salts and their varying benefits to the human body.

It was interesting to note that the audience were only females. Not that the notice/ advert banned men, but it seemed interesting that only women would want to attend a talk about the human body’s natural functions. However, all the women in attendance (except myself and my classmate Siphokazi) were middle-aged, and seemed to be house wives and mothers. This makes more sense then, because women are seen to be the care-givers and nurturers within families. So they need to be equipped with the knowledge of healing and taking care of their families.

Begin reading tweets from the bottom-up to follow the event.

tweet 3

.tweet 2

tweet 1


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