The Musings of Flight W&E 3

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. My name is Gill Rennie. On behalf of the crew I would like to welcome you aboard to flight Writing and Editing 3, for the second semester.”

Boarding this flight at the beginning of the semester, I had so many worries and expectations about the journey ahead. Would Captain Gill take us through a swift flight or would there be turbulence like the first semester flight? Would connection flight Grocott’s Mail be waiting at the next stop for us? Would I have to acquaint myself with the nearest exits for this flight? Who was I kidding; there were no exits this far into the Rhodes University journalism journey. I had made it this far, so I would just have to acquaint myself with the bracing position instead; get on my knees and pray when the going got tough. Nonetheless, I had so many questions and I needed answers quickly for my own safety!

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Reading Thoughts: Let the light in

My day has officially been enlightened! This just made my day. I remember reading this quote from somewhere when I was about 13. I had no real understanding of it then, but I sure knew I liked what it said.

Today in the middle of my busy day, I decided to Google search some ‘pick-me-up’ quotes to get me to want to continue this academic race. There it was! Waiting for me to rediscover it.

Reading this makes me feel like I have finally come home like the Prodigal Son, who had lost his way. This is me right now with all the academic pressures I’m facing, so reading this has allowed me to come back to my senses and centre myself.

Compared to the 13 year old girl, I now understand what this quote is telling me. I am destined for greatness but I am my own worst enemy. I hide behind fear, like most humans do, and opportunity and time pass me by. No more!